Dandy Shoe Care

I recently just sent a pair of my shoes off to Mr. Alexander Nurulaeff to have touched up and I am feeling quite excited about getting them back and seeing the magic, once and for all, in the flesh! Seeing just how good his work is from pictures alone, has inspired me to also think about a collaboration between my J.FitzPatrick label and his amazing artistic abilities. While this is something that is officially in the wood-works, it will be awhile before it comes to all of you as it is a process that I need to test and create in a formal way. But I do feel excited about it as it should be quite fun for all of you! But even more so on a short term scale, am I looking forward to getting back my Ed Et Al’s Amoy Quay and seeing them in a new light, two-tone of course!

On another note, I am off for 9 days for some much deserved time away from London. I will be in action but will be not quite as attentive. Please bare with me as I try to enjoy a bit of relaxation! The blog will still be going though!


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8 thoughts on “Dandy Shoe Care”

  1. I have actually thought recently there is a small market for raw leather shoes like septieme largeur sells specifically for patina etc. it’s easy to get in France why not here?

  2. Easy.. Most British men don’t wear traditional shoes at all, they wear pleather shoes which wouldn’t take a patina. The ones who wear proper shoes are already in a minority and having a patina done i suspect would be considered by most in the uk as being pretentious, showy, looking like you care too much ..well you get the idea.

    1. don’t think so, the finishing on the sole is far too clean to be Alden, most likely an Italian brand….and no there is no one in the States who produces work like this, not that I have ever heard of at least, which is unfortunate

  3. I just love this type of shoes that gives the common middle class guy the notion that you’ve got the tree of money growing out of your ass! I’m buying ones 😀

  4. Alexander Nurulaeff

    Dear Justin . The Great Transformation of your shoes is already underway. Not I can say it all… I’m just saying do not be a two-tone , but an explosion of 10 shades of different colors that I have prepared specially for your shoes.
    See you soon .

    Best regards.
    Alexander Nurulaeff

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