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J.FitzPatrick by Alexander Nurulaeff

Dear Readers,

I am proud to announce the newest The Shoe Snob Blog exclusive: the collaboration between my brand, J.FitzPatrick and the patina extraordinaire Dandy Shoe Care. As a big fan of the idea of patina and the beauty that it can create in footwear, I thought that it would be fun to offer all of you a chance to get a J.FitzPatrick shoe with your very own customized patina on it. Therefore I reached out to Alexander, of whom I am a great fan of, in order to find a way to work together and thus bring this collaboration to all of you.

J.FitzPatrick Tony II

J.FitzPatrick Tony II

As you can see here, the Tony II model on the LPB last (soft chisel) is the shoe on offer and to give you an example of what can be done, I had a patina put on by Alexander (of Dandy Shoe Care) as a way to give some of you some inspiration. Being that I am quite fond of my “bouncy ball” effect on this Tony model, I asked Alexander to follow that idea with the coloring of the shoe, thus separating the colors blue and grey through the brogueing by adding a nice fade effect. This of course he did beautifully and even added his own touch of artistry by putting a bit of yellow, pink and other various colors in the grey shade to give it a bit of character and depth. This is the beauty of his skill and what he brings to his patina. My idea was very black and white and he added color to it! That being, when you work with him may I suggest you give him a bit of leeway to do his own thing as this is what he specializes in…

JFitzpatrick_AW1314_413 copy JFitzpatrick_AW1314_417 copyJFitzpatrick_AW1314_419 copy JFitzpatrick_AW1314_442 copy JFitzpatrick_AW1314_437 copy

The Facts of the Exclusive:

– The shoes cost 430 (ex VAT 358.33) and this includes the cost of the patina and the red travel shoe trees. Shipping will be on top depending on where you live. UK = Free Shipping, The EU (+Switzerland) = Free&Rest of World = 20 (these are clearly discounted prices to what I regularly charge on the actual e-commerce site and is done so strictly as an exclusive to this collaboration and to thank all of you for your loyalty)

– The shoe in the picture is not what you are getting unless you specifically ask for it. The shoe starts off as white and you can create whatever color combination that you like, even using 5 colors if you wanted….

– Sizing is from UK6-UK12 with half sizes (exception is UK11.5)

– Turnaround time is 2-3 months. We will aim at being quicker (in which most cases we will) but being that Alexander is a one man band who takes a 1 month holiday for the month of July (not to mention his regular clients and other collaborations) things can thus be a bit slow sometimes. But it is never good to rush artistic quality anyway, so bear this in mind. Chances are they will be done sooner, particularly for those that order straight away.

– As soon as the shoe is purchased, I will put you in touch with Alexander in order to directly communicate with him on what it is that you would like to have. (Certain things may have an up charge that you would pay Alexander directly – depending on their difficulty. One example is camouflage. But I have tried to make it so that most things are inclusive in that price. However certain things are very difficult for him and inevitably take more time and thus cost more)

– The shoe is non-refundable for anything other than defectiveness.

– To save on time and money for all, the shoes will be sent directly to Alexander after purchasing. This ensures that your pair gets started on as quickly as possible and saves you unnecessary shipping expenditures.

I hope that you all enjoy this collaboration and I truly look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


Look below to see more examples of other Dandy Shoe Care Patina’s

J.FitzPatrick x Dandy Shoe Care
J.FitzPatrick shoes by Alexander Nurulaeff Alexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Revan Alexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Mel Cox Alexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Jeffrey Horvath Alexander Nurulaeff for Mr.David Gwilliam Alexander Nurulaeff for Mr.Eddi Lam

tumblr_n5723lxjVg1r6l76so5_1280 tumblr_n5718x934t1r6l76so5_1280 tumblr_n5pybk4nKV1r6l76so6_1280 tumblr_n0trooe25e1r6l76so1_1280 tumblr_n0yk1s4bVE1r6l76so1_1280 tumblr_mzjjkzXuJV1r6l76so6_1280 Dandy Shoe Care patina loafer Dandy Shoe Care patina full brogue
IMG_2027 copia
tumblr_n0bpnghx9H1r6l76so1_500 CHIARO_Listopad2 EG Full Brogue by AN00

7 thoughts on “Dandy Shoe Care X J.FitzPatrick Blog Exclusive”

  1. Fantastic idea. Will you be sending the shoe directly to Alexander or the buyer is in charge of that?

  2. This is so beautiful! I have a question about ordering shoes (or generally, clothes) via internet, generally. I am sorry, if I may just by accident never have found it on your blog: How do you do that with the size and ordering via internet? Shoes vary so much, you may never know, if your usual size, you have on another shoe that you tried on at a shop, will fit with a shoe you order. So, will you or other shoe-sellers online take back a pair without any problem, if it does not fit? What about, if that happens to happen twice, with the same order? I remember, how many different sizes I sometimes tried in shops. It has happened to me, that a shoe was not good for my foot at all. Since your expertise is always so good, I would really love, if you wrote a special Thread about that special theme, that makes me nervous: You broadened my and others view about different shoes so much, and some retailers, I will never see their shops and always ask myself, will I take the risk?

    1. dear giorgio, a lot of times people will email me and ask and I will try to best assess their size based on other models that they have and the sizes that they are…it’s a tricky thing which is why many people don’t buy shoes online…there is no black and white scenario here as fit is so subjective…

  3. I am so excited, I just found your blog page through a mini doc on you tube about you. Now I can better explain the art of shoe wear and shoe care to my sons and nephews without having to open my mouth and speak.

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