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My friend Alexander Nurulaeff, of Dandy Shoe Care, appears to really love the early 1900’s style as his Great Gatsby theme patina has been given life to a new pair of shoes. His first go-round at patina’ing this theme can be seen here. And now, he presents a new variation of the Great Gatsby on a pair of Per Nobile shoes, of Russia, which I actually find to be super cool. The subtle details of this patina might easily go overlooked but what I love is how the vamp line of the patina bleeds every so slightly into the white, giving it a natural look of aging even though in reality it is brand new (see also the tip of the tongue). And that is what Alexander gives us in the greatness of his patina world: things you would have never thought of nor seen elsewhere.

I would say that I look forward to the next edition but considering these two have been about 4 years between, I might forget all about it in the meanwhile. That is, of course, many of you start ordering his ‘Great Gatsby Patina’ on your own shoes!

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