Black suede is making a comeback! And rightfully so. It is such an overlooked colorway that is super versatile, super elegant, and really just an all-rounded material good for nearly any occasion. Apparently, C&J and GJ thought the same when they teamed up to make this exclusive colorway in Crockett’s long-standing Boston loafer. And in doing so, created a no-brainer shoe that any man could easily introduce in his wardrobe. I have a pair (or three) of black suede loafers and wear them religiously throughout the Spring/Summer seasons. I would wear them all year round but my feet do not like the cold and those East Coast Winter’s are not so forgiving in that regard! But for those that have feet that do not get cold or live in Sunny San Diego style climates, well the beauty of black suede is that it can be used for any time, occasion, style, or weather if one is so inclined.

Crockett has stated that this is an exclusive offering with only 20 pairs available. What confuses me though is that both sites are selling this and have a different stock offering.

Crockett & Jones shows UK7 – UK11 available and can be found here:

Gentleman’s Journal shows UK6 – UK12.5 available and can be found here:

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