Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot

Living in a city with often adverse and astronomically dynamic weather, such as NYC where it can change 20 degrees from one day to the next, you really get to appreciate a solid, rugged boot to keep you surviving those rough days. I have always appreciated the Coniston boot by Crockett & Jones, their most famous boot ever produced worn by the thousands on Instagram, but I was more thoroughly impressed when they launched their new Ross boot for this year’s Autumn/Winter collection. The reason is that there are a ton of makers producing something that looks like a Coniston and while C&J’s model of course stands apart in quality and reputation in design differentiation they all look the same to me. Being a snob for unique pieces, the Ross caught my eye as something not often seen by your traditional makers, not at least as attractive as this one!

Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot

I had the pleasure of borrowing a pair to take around the streets of Soho, close to their new NYC location on Spring street and one thing that I discovered about this boot that they do not list on the site and that you would never guess by looking at them is the fact that they are incredibly lightweight. They almost feel like a sneaker in weight which is surprising for a boot with a sole of that caliber and build. And that feature is what will set this boot apart from the rest as while having a study boot is important, having a lightweight one is even more so for a walking city when one can see themselves putting in 2-5 miles daily.

Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot

The boot is made up of their Chocolate Hurricane Hide, otherwise known as pull up leather and/or oil-greased/waxed hide that is a very durable leather. It tends to be thicker than your average calfskin and is essentially waterproof. Its characteristics are to be noted however and what I am referring to is the fact that it is easily ‘marked’. I don’t want to use the wrong words and scar people but it’s nature is to look rough and rugged after being worn. But on the flip side, it polishes amazingly if you want to bring it up. It is a unique leather for sure and allows the weather to create different looks with how he/she chooses to upkeep it. But the bottom line is that it is super durable and yet soft at the same time.

The Ross is now available across all Crockett & Jones locations, priced at $725

Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot Crockett & Jones - The Ross Boot


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