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Crockett & Jones - Spring Summer 2014 - Vincent Low Res

Today should hopefully (fingers crossed) be the last of my crazy manic days. Therefore while I don’t have a lot of things to say about the actual post today, I would like to present the Spring/Summer collection of Crockett & Jones. Lovely pieces as always and of course it brought a smile to my face to see all of the blue suede. Even though I am friends with the digital manager of the brand, who thus reads the blog, he doesn’t seem to think that the person in charge (i.e. he who stamps approval to the new models) reads the ‘ol TSS site. But funny enough, even though it would appear that the top guy at C&J doesn’t read the site, my prediction of more blue in the industry seems to be coming to fruition, at least by what’s shown here as 4 new blue suede models are presented….

Crockett & Jones - Spring Summer 2014 - SS13 and SS14 Newquays 1 Low Res Crockett & Jones - Spring Summer 2014 - Lowndes Low Res (1) Crockett & Jones - Spring Summer 2014 - Cavendish Low Res Crockett & Jones - Spring Summer 2014 - Weybridge and Alex Low Res

On another note, trunk show season is in full effect and there would appear to be a lot going on this weekend. I thought that I would list it out for everyone and spread the love! Therefore, see the list below:

Leffot (NYC): Corthay April 3rd & 4th
Zimmermann & Kim (Seoul, Korea): Saint Cripsins April 4th & 5th
The Armoury NYC: Carmina April 3rd & 4th

On the last note, if all goes well today I should be wrapping up my website and it should launch tomorrow at around 1pm GMT so do stay tuned!! Here is a sneak peak at one of my new models!

J.FitzPatrick “Fauntleroy”

4 thoughts on “Crockett & Jones Spring/Summer 2014”

  1. Looking forward to the new site. Loving those Fauntleroy’s as well, that strap styling looks similar to EG’s Oundle, which I very much approve of! Is that leather black or navy though?

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