Critique The Shoe Snob

Critique The Shoe Snob

So I am now back in England, permanently, continuing my pursuit within the men’s shoe/fashion/journalism industries. You will be glad to know that in 2 weekends I will begin making a new pair of shoes to add to my collection, a classic piece with a touch of added flair! On another note, I have become bored with my general posts and wanted to add something to the mix. Considering that I am always the one voicing my opinions on other shoes and people for that matter, I figured that I would allow you, my readers, to do the same and critique me. That being, every week I will add a picture of one of my many pairs of shoes along with an outfit to compliment. I know that my camera quality has never been the highest and continues to lack in luster and so my next project will be to acquire a nice camera to enhance my photography here on my site. Please don’t hold back in your opinions, everything matters! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on fashion and my shoe choices. The pair featured in this post are one’s that I have shown before, one of my many Creative Recreation shoes. Enjoy!!!!

Critique The Shoe Snob

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