Most people attribute the ‘slipper’ look to either a house shoe or a formal style pump. But for me, this is an outdated mentality. I think that it very much depends on many factors, such as last shape, leather style, vamp cut, and whether a medallion is added or not. Corthay apparently feels the same as they introduce their new slipper-like model, The Charlie, in all sorts of patina leather/suede options. Needless to say as a sucker for suede loafers, I am quite fond of nearly all of them. The only one potentially too bold for me is the bright blue one. But cool nonetheless.


I love that they did this as it shows that with the right cut, last and pattern (that strong French tongue), you can turn this slipper look into a sharp dress-loafer, as noted with the tan leather patina one that is quite attractive. Corthay does not release new models as often as I would like, but they do not disappoint when they do. I imagine that this has already been a big success for them and I am hoping to see more and more of the patina suede options. Wondering if they will do the patina patent that they so often give to the Arca series? I can see that being a thing for many as that will be the perfect excuse to wear them formally.



And here is to hoping that Corthay continues to bring out more and more new models. Currently available on the site, are just three different styles of loafers, not to say that you cannot do more MTO, but would be great to see their creativity come to life more often. And do recall, while on the site you just see two options in terms of color, one being leather, and one being suede, I do believe that this is just a template for you to select suede or leather and then be able to choose your color later as they are essentially an MTO product with 12 weeks production. Or, find your nearest Corthay store near you for that in-store offering!

Happy Shopping on the Charlie!

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