Corthay Does Denim

Corthay Does Denim
PIcture Courtesy of Parisian Gentleman

I was not the first person to ever use denim on my shoes. I mean, my inspiration came from a Hugo Boss shoe that I saw about 10 years ago, believe it or not. Hugo….Boss…Hey inspiration can come from anywhere! But I have been preaching that we need to stop being so conservative and try and new things and it’s nice to see that a few brands, such as Corthay, have listened. At least I prefer to think of it as they did, but maybe not? Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here…. Either way, Corthay’s execution of it is simply exquisite. And apparently their denim comes from Japan, which means that it must be great!! Anyway, taxi is here so have to run to the airport now. Well done Corthay!! I love the new direction!

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