Corthay’s New Creations Part 1

Corthay's New Creations Part 1
What I love about Corthay is the fact that they are not afraid of some color and it shows greatly in all of their collections as each season is filled with more and more incorporated colors and materials used. But what I loved best about these new creations are the patina’d tassels on the loafers above. That is next level creativity right there and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Corthay as they are always trying to come up with something new, which is great as that is what every shoe brand should focus on as stagnation is oh so boring!!

However, the collection is so large that I have decided to spread it out in a few posts as doing all in one post will take way too long.

That being let’s focus on the models at hand. I love Brighton tassel loafer as there are so many details to appreciate here, like the piping on the apron vamp, and the followed piping on the top line of the counter. Not to mention the tassels and patina on suede which is just killer artistry to say the least. It certainly brings a new level to the concept of a tassel loafer and that is what I love about it. And the chelsea boot is great as is and here are a few more colors in it. Oh, and it would appear that Corthay also thinks that green is the color of 2016 as there is a lot of green about in this collection!

Enjoy and until next time, stay tuned for more Corthay creations next week!

Corthay's New Creations Part 1 Corthay's New Creations Part 1 Corthay's New Creations Part 1 Corthay's New Creations Part 1 Corthay's New Creations Part 1


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