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Most shoe companies have the standard accompanying accessories: Shoe trees, shoe polish, shoelaces and if you are lucky, belts too. But not Septieme Largeur. They took it up a notch and decided to offer a lot more and some cool stuff too, also very relevant to shoes and the man that likes leather goods.

What originally caught my eye were the crocodile watch straps that were on sale from €95 down to €76 which is a darn good price for an exotic watch strap. Unfortunately, my watches that needed replacing of the straps did not correspond to the sizes on offer. It was probably a good thing in the end as I would have easily ended up buying all of the colors. That red croc is still calling my name and now I feel that I need to go find a watch now just to grab that strap!

Then I noticed the super cool braided belts with gold buckles. They have 3 colorways, as you can see, but I ordered the dark brown and the black as I have a lighter brown one already. I love a good braided leather belt and these ones fit the bill in every way. Can’t wait to get mine and start wearing them. I needed to do some house cleaning and get rid of some old ones so these will do me just fine for the Summer and allow me to clean house. And for only €70/belt it is a no-brainer to take at least one!

Lastly, I saw their latest drop of these no-show socks and thought they were really cool. As we get into Summer these become a thing for those that don’t go sockless. I liked that there was a blue option as they usually always come in either black or that dark nude color. A nice navy is a good unique offering and at €11 a pop am sure that they won’t keep stock on them for long. So if you are interested, better get online and grab them before they are gone! That hot weather is literally around the corner, which means those loafers are too!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg with what they have. They have 6 pages of accessories, which is unheard of a shoemaker. From the water dispenser to shine your shoes, to croc belts/card holders/watch straps/passport holders, to travel pouches, insoles, and the rest of the ‘normal’ accessories like shoe polish, dress socks, calskin belts etc, there really is not anything they are missing. Like, at all.

But the one that will probably appeal to the most amount of people are the patina belt offering. For those of you that like to match your belt to your shoes, with the patina option there is literally no color of belt you cannot achieve. Let that sink in.

Well, if you are like me and like buying accessories, then you will go wild at Septieme Largeur’s site. And just remember, they sell shoes too 😉

See it all here:

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