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Color coordination is not as easy as it would seem. There is a fine line between doing it just right and going overboard and thus standing out in a bad way. This image represents one of those bold, fine line situations but done just right to be well executed. And when it come sto tan shoes and navy it becomes a fight line. But what I like about this combo is the fact that the trousers are actuallh quite a light shade of blue while the socks closer to navy. Had the trousers been navy, for me, the contrast to the leather would have been too strong. But as the trousers are somewhat light, the socks a touch darker with tan lines, it all goes blends together.

And the worst thing about attempting color coodination is when you have bad lighting and everything looks the same shade. So many times I have came out the house wearing blue’s I thought were relatively the same shade, only to walk out (too late to change) and realize that I am wearing 50 shades of blue.

Dont be afraid to get some good colors going in your outfit. Being safe is good but not always fun! Just make sure you use natural light to attempt your outfit!

Picture courtesy of @addictedforshoes86 on Instagram

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