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bespoke samples Clairvoy

A name you probably have never heard of (except maybe the once that I wrote about them way back when) that makes spectacular shoes in the typically French flair fashion, is Clairvoy. Having made their mark in bespoke shoes,both men and women dating back to 1945, it was only until recently that they decided to embark upon a men’s RTW collection. Something new to my ears as I had thought that they were still strictly bespoke. Apparently I was wrong, and thankfully so, as this now gives me another stop to take on my next trip to Paris!! But it just reminds me that of the French bespoke shoemakers, unless I am wrong, they are the only ones still independently owned. Strike that statement as I just remember hearing through the grapevine that Aubercy’s bespoke offerings are back in the works (will have to triple check this though!). That being, there are two left. And from what I see, Clairvoy are doing a great job at sticking to the ingredients that make French shoes so illustrious: color, sharp shapes and striking details!!!

8 thoughts on “Clairvoy – Last of the Independent French Bespoke Shoemakers?”

  1. You’re forgetting eric devos and gérald thibault, who are both good friends from Anthony Delos and great shoemakers. You can take a look at their websites

    1. yes, I have heard that they will be doing their bespoke again, but for awhile they stopped and only had RTW available…

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