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As many of you know, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Cheaney, not so much in the sense that I did not like their styles and shoes in general but more so that I was not a fan of their lasts (not the shapes, but rather the unbalanced proportions) and the way that a lot of their benchgrade stuff looked (and felt). But, even since their Imperial line has surfaced into the industry, I must have admit that I have been thoroughly impressed not only with the making (sharp bevelled waists with fiddleback & high quality leather) but also the design and last shapes (not so much this one but another rather). Ever since Church’s was taken over by Prada, the Church family went into another venture, and took over Cheaney. While that was some time ago, it would appear that since the acquisition, the new owners have done their bit to up the ability of the Cheaney made product, by offering a legitimate handgrade line that offers unique models such as this interesting balmoral oxford.. Believe it or not, I now frequently pass by Cheaney, here in London, in the hopes to find something new and intriguing….Often I am let down (as it appears that the store does not carry as cool of stuff as this) but at least I find it on the amazing web…..

Pictures Courtesy of Style Forum

8 thoughts on “Cheaney – Times Have Changed”

  1. That’s a very attractive shoe. . . But I like your own designs even more. Sadly, they are too dear for my own pocketbook, but a guy can dream, right?

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.
    The Average Guy’s Guide to Classic Style

  2. What I particularly prize on this blog is its search and archival functions. Intrigued and delighted by the fiddle form – I was able to pull quite a bit of information from previous blog posts regarding the fabrication of the sole and other beautiful images of its form. It is an exquisite detail. It matters not at all that others can’t see it. I’m curious Mr. Fitzpatrick; It’s often said that a stone will dictate to a sculptor what is trapped inside. Do you ever experience a sense that a shoe should go in a particular direction – or is that the element expressed in your initial design? – Regards all.

    1. at what stage are you referring to? I am not sure if you found posts in which I showed the making of my own bespoke shoes, but I must say that I now only design them. For me, certain shapes (lasts) should only go with certain designs, but when I design, I simply let my hand go free and start drawing lines that I think are unique and then go over them to refine them into something marketable. Sometimes, I have crazy designs, but then other times they come out elegant and something unique, but I don’t really plan them, I just let my hand do the work without letting my brain tell it what to do….not sure if I answered your question, but….

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