Balmoral Greatness – By George Cleverley

Balmoral Greatness - By George Cleverley
Photo Courtesy of Rose Callahan for the Dandy Portraits

There are not many things more appealing than a beautiful balmoral line that extends across a shoe in a laser like manner! This angle (and thus model) here presents one of the most appealing balmoral lines that I have seen to date. Beautiful in it’s straightness, yet still subtle in the fact that the shoe is simply suede, not partaking in the idea of separating in color/material/leather from the top to the bottom parts of that line. This is something that I struggle with, even in my own line. I find that when there is a distinction like this, it is inherent in my brain to want to have contrasting pieces, as opposed to keeping it simple and plain, like this lovely Cleverley model. This is something that I need to learn: remembering that a shoe in just one color can still be beautiful, intriguing and unique, as clearly shown here….. A beautiful shoe at a beautiful angle….photography at its best!!

4 thoughts on “Balmoral Greatness – By George Cleverley”

  1. Absolutely beautiful – I agree with you; restraint is often the hardest part of creativity.

    Are these bespoke or part of one of the regular lines? Either way, they’re really beautiful – thank you for sharing.

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