Cheaney Impresses Imensely

I was walking down the Piccadilly Arcade the other day and as I usually do briefly scoured past the windows of all the little shoe shops of which Cheaney just happens to be one of. Usually I blow right by, but this day I was encountered with a surprising shock of attraction to one of the new models that I saw in the window. Now, allow me to explain a bit about myself and Cheaney. Of course, I have not always been in favor of them and not that is not because I don’t think that they are capable of making good shoes, as I know that they are. Just that I a few years back I did not see anything special about them.

However, after having met Mr. William Church (the Church family has now owned Cheaney for a little while now) and seeing them come out with the Imperial Collection, I feel that positive things could be occurring within the realm of Cheaney and I am excited to see what they may be. Especially as the Church family did great things for their own brand before being bought out by Prada. This tassel loafer, for one, is simply exquisite and just might be one of the coolest loafers that I have yet to see. We all know how much I love a bit of cloth used on shoes and this is a great example of it being executed well. Well done on this one Cheaney!

Cheaney Impresses Imensely


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2 thoughts on “Cheaney Impresses Imensely”

  1. Hi Justin, do you know where you can buy these shoes? – This range is not on the Cheaney main site yet.

    Thanks, Ivonne

    1. Hi Ivonne, you can get them in piccadilly arcade, if I’m not mistaken they are store exclusives.
      Try giving them a call.


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