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Mexican Shoemaker Castez Ermili has created something that I have yet to see and find it very intriguing, even more so, very beautiful! A cross breed between a balmoral and button boot, this hybrid boot gives the best of all worlds. Its feel is extremely Victorian, an era that I love for the elegance that was expressed in men’s attire, particularly in the footwear department. Boots were rampant and button and balmoral boots were the kings of this era. But never before had I seen one mixed together, although I wouldnt be surprised if there is a pair sitting in some museum in Europe.

Either way its always great to see the creative mind flowing and see shoemakers attempting abstract designs that are kept within the boundaries of cool!

2 thoughts on “Castez Ermili – Mexican Shoemaker”

  1. Was the sole stitch hidden under a flap in the welt (on the topside) or something like with the C&J handgrades, or were these perhaps blake stitched?

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