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I love to see the brain being creative and coming up with ideas never before executed. And these blue sharkskin boots by Argentinian shoemaker Castez Ermili (based in Mexico) show just that type of execution with all of the small details shown in the make up of this boot.

Sharkskin has always fascinated me. I particularly like it in a burgundy, as I first saw it way back when, in the workshop of Stefano Bemer, where I trained at. Since then I always wanted to have a pair. That desire remains unfulfilled but yet I still admire the seeing the skin in photos when unique shoemaker decides to give a try themselves. And recently Martin Castez did so on a recent pair of incredibly blue sharksin with contrast red stitching. Stunning to say the least. Unique beyond belief and with some very cool details not often seen. Lets take a look.

The hand-stitched red roped stitching on the facing of the shaft and apron design is super cool and unique. I absolutely love how he made the line-up of the two separate parts to be perfect as if they were one continuous line from vamp to shaft. It is a very intriguing detail, that certainly adds to the boldness and makes the boot really pop. On top of that I think it is cool how he made the edging of the sole/heel as brownish red as could be without going full on red. Another unique feature not often seen and matches well with the red stitching.

The waist is among the most shaped I have seen. Its a really steep arch shape that comes out from heel to the forefoot in a beautifully aggresive line. I am unsure if this would work for all (in terms of comfort) but I find it to be a striking look in terms of appearance and design. And the waist is very very thin. Getting it that thin is not easy as you have to essentially shave off the leather at the waist and then if stitched to the insole, have to open up the channel there too. Although I imagine the stitch on these boots is from joint to joint and cemented at the waist. If I am wrong, I am thoroughly impressed by his skills.

Overall, a very cool and unique set of boots. My only realy qualm is the last shape which is far too square for my liking. But this boot on an almond shaped last….boom, now that would be a site to see!

Castez Ermili Shoemaker

4 thoughts on “Blue Sharkskin Boots – Castez Ermili”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Sharkskin! So curious! They sure are a very unusual pair of boots… something refreshing. Not my cup of tea, but definitely a new step in shoemaking… which is always welcome!
    Thanks for sharing, Justin.

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