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Carpincho Boots by Enrile

The Capybara/Carpincho animal is probably one of the ugliest things known to animals. It looks like a giant rat and it’s like the size of a dog. But their hide sure does make a pretty cool pair of gloves or shoes! I have always wanted a pair of each but they are not that inexpensive and now I need to be saving for a house and not clothes. One day soon!

The latest pair of shoes/boots that I have seen in this unique hide is a pair of piped chukka boots by Spanish bespoke shoemaker Enrile. You normally only see it come in this rust like shade but I think that it would be pretty damn cool in a navy or dark green, or better yet a nice, strong burgundy! But I am unsure if any tanneries have yet to have gone so bold on the coloring of carpincholeather. Hopefully one day soon!

For those ever in the South of Spain, be sure to check out Enrile’s workshop in Seville.

A great weekend to all!

Justin FitzPatrick

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