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Carmina has recently done a GMTO run that is apparently over but that went into regular production as you can still purchase the pairs at hand.

The latest model is this Horween Shell Cordovan chukka boot in 8 colors. Put on a Dainite sole with storm welt, I can see this boot getting a lot of use in the A/W for most chaps that like chukka boots. Being Cordovan it will be hard-wearing and good for the rough weather that many of us see during those colder months. And hey, for those of you in Los Angeles and the like, well it will most certainly match one of the looks you are going for even if you don’t need it for cold weather!

Being a shoe company owner myself, I can understand why Carmina only made the sample in one color, but it would have been pretty cool to see the rest of them, particularly the Rubi, the Burgundy, the Green, and the Navy Cordovans. The Color 8, as shown here, is nice but all too common. Imagine the burgundy. Now that would be a striking boot!!

Production time is currently at 60 days out. But this is quite short in reality and just in time for the rough weather to hit.

The boots are priced at €1,243 and come with shoe trees. Not a bad deal for a boot that will most likely get passed down to your children!

Find the boots here: Carmina Cordovan Chukka MTO



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