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Carmina Shoemaker has created a new design that is refreshing to see. With the recent abomination of combining shoe pattern ideas and a lot of distasteful attempts at it within the shoe industry, I am relieved to see an elegant iteration of the idea of putting buckles on loafers. Far too many Italian companies have done a terrible job at executing this idea and what’s even crazier, is that they made it popular. But while this design is infinitely more appealing, I am sure that it will stay within the small confines of the snobby welted industry, of which I am a proud member :-). Nevertheless, it is nice to see and I can only hope that others will agree with me so that we can make this popular and not the overdone attempts we too often see on IG Influencer accounts. Here’s to hoping.

This model is apart of their latest GMTO series. There are 5 days left to grab a pair in numerous different colors of their suede and chateaubriand leathers. I look forward to seeing what people choose and seeing the outfits that go with them!

Wishing everyone a great weekend

Justin FitzPatrick

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