The Bit Loafer – Making a Comeback

The Bit Loafer - Making a Comeback

The bit loafer is making a comeback and so far, I am somewhat impressed with what I have seen, particularly by Carmina’s version of one. To be quite honest, I never liked the classic Gucci one as I found the last to be over round, the apron to be atrocious and the rugged sole unfit for a loafer. I never understood how it became so popular. It was the reason why I hated bit loafers. But now, the good shoemakers are starting to release this model and I am having a new found respect for it. I particularly like Carmina’s version, as seen here, for its sleek nature and subtleness. I don’t find the bit to be overbearing as I sometimes do.

I saw that Meermin has followed suit and I already have clients asking me for an MTO version. Let’s see if the bit loafer will be the next trend!!


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  1. My wife purchased a pair of the ubiquitous Gucci bit loafers and loves them, but when I look at them I can’t imagine who (apparently my wife) would pay that much for such a poorly constructed shoe. When I first saw Carmina’s version, I must admit I had the same thought as you. I could own a pair of these, especially as the cost is half that of the fashion brands, and these are actually well made.

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