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The fringe trend was not a very long lived one in the grand industry but I still find myself quite attracted to them. For example, in this Carmina model for Unipair, I would not really like the shoe without the fringe as I find this style of single monk to be quite boring. That fringe, for me, seems to provide what it needs to give it a little ‘umpf’, you know, a little something. But I know that many people don’t take to well to the fringe as it is not so practical in reality, not for work at least. And it also lends quite a casual look to the shoe which most people stray away from when looking for a dress shoe. Hopefully that concept will change as I really don’t see anything wrong with wearing this under a sharp suit. On the contrary, I find it far more appealing to see men wearing something a bit different than the continuous sea of blah that we see on a day to day basis. But of course we all know where I stand on this….hopefully I can just convince a few of you to do so as well!

On another note, I am always grateful when someone has the desire to interview and thus write about me, and because of that I am always happy to spread their post on to the masses. So while I know that many of you have read about me and my story probably more times than you would like to, here is one more time to possibly get it at a different angle; by The Student Tailor:

Until tomorrow,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Carmina for Unipair carmina for unipair3

Carmina for Unipair

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