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While at Pitti I visited my friends at Carmina and needless to say I was quite impressed with all of their new models/colorways that I saw, particularly this lovely combination in their balmoral boot as well as this new slip-on/oxford model directly below. Carmina never ceases to impress and seeing their showroom really gave me an idea of how big they are as a brand in reality. They don’t do a lot of marketing or advertising but when you look at their stockists list, you see that they are in stores all over the world, quietly taking over the shoe industry one sale/store at a time! And being the pioneers in good Spanish shoemaking. So it’s always nice to see them doing well!

Well, feast your eyes on some of these new models and start saving up your money!

On another note, Parisian Gentleman, managed to get an exclusive interview with Anthony Delos in a conversation that divulges the truths about Berluti/Delos and his new time making shoes for the empire known as LVMH (Berluti). Here is the link:


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

carmina shoes carmina shoes carmina shoes wholecut oxfords

brogueing on the wholecut.... no real seams there...
brogueing on the wholecut…. no real seams there…

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8 thoughts on “Carmina at Pitti – New Things to Come!”

  1. Niccolo' Mario Zanchi

    Hi Justin, beautiful shoes! I’ve seen Hackett now stocks Carmina you happen to know if these are made to the same standards as those pictured above? Many thanks and good luck with your brand!

    1. It’s been a while since i saw them at Hackett but from what I remember the Hackett shoes are not as nice. They must be specially made… Thanks for the support!

    1. yea, that one is my fav too! Good to hear from’s been awhile. Hope the Windermere’s are treating you well.

  2. Patrick Patro Lind Lino

    Which Carmina shop in Spain did you visit? I’ll be in both Madrid and Barcelona soon. Cheers!

      1. Patrick Patro Lind Lino

        My apologies. I read the article headline which indeed says Pitti, but I was thrown off by the sheer size of their stock. That is an impressive amount of shoes for a trade show. Cheers

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