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There are two things that I love: 1. Braided leather and 2. Unique Designs.

The Schifano loafer by Barbanera gives us both of those things and is one of my favorite models released this Summer. The internet is filled with your typical suede penny loafers and as much as I appreciate them, I am quite bored of seeing the same thing on a different last shape by a different maker for a different price. And that is what I love about Barbanera. They do things differently. They don’t give you the same thing everyone else has. They make something completely unique and they can proudly say that no one else is offering anything like the Schifano model!

The Rimbaud, plain braided loafer on the other hand is a more classic make but no one is doing it in black or navy braided leather.

Both of these models are currently on sale for €340 and €360

Happy Shopping!


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