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For those of you that may have missed it the few times that I have written about it, Barbanera who once only took MTO orders now has a website that sells RTW stock and much of it is currently on sale. I am particularly fond of the Balzac double monk, as shown above, for its intricate strap design. Not to mention I am a super fan of black suede, a material that sadly is not so popular in the shoe world. And for those of you that are boot fans, particularly the ones with slightly higher pitched cowboy-like heels, then you will be pleased to see the super cool side-zip Cash boot on discount, coming in both black suede and what looks like a luscious taupe shade of suede.

What I have always loved about Barbanera is the fact that they are not your conventional shoe brand. They have an eclectic mix of models that touches on many of the different genres of the shoe industry, from classic, to quirky, to eccentric and finally what they love to coin as ‘Rock n Roll’! And it’s great as there is quite literally something for everyone, especially now with the introduction to their new women’s line which you can see at the bottom of the string of photos.

If you like them as much as I do, then I am sure you will be pleased to read this post and find something on discount!

Happy Shopping!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’




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