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Bowling Style Trainers by Crockett & Jones

I have a love/hate relationship with the bowling style smart trainer that many high end makers tend to make for the ‘sneaker’ like model. Usually you see it in the common black and tan offerings but what really caught me off guard this time around was the beautiful blue leather that Crockett & Jones sourced and used for this new trainer of theirs. It’s the type of blue that really can’t be mistaken for any other color and that is what I love about it as blue is naturally my favorite color.

And while I am still torn on whether or not I would even wear a model like this, I at least appreciate it for it’s difference between all of the other common offerings and colorways that you all to often see in this style of shoe. Well done C&J for thinking outside the box on this one!

Bowling Style Trainers by Crockett & Jones Bowling Style Trainers by Crockett & Jones

1 thought on “Bowling Style Trainers by Crockett & Jones”

  1. Ha! You have a thing with blue shoes, really!

    These ones are not my cup of tea, but they are lovely made.

    Thanks for posting!

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