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People tend to make fun of the bowling shoe style, but when thinking about it, most of the best sneakers of all time are designed in that exact same pattern, e.g. Converse Chuck Taylor, Common Projects classic trainer and Superga (let alone a bunch of others). So it came as no surprise that when thinking of something fun to make for the S/S2015 season, Septieme Largeur also used that classic pattern and knocked out a sneaker that will transition just right into most wardrobes for what I believe will be a very very hot Summer.

Coming in 3 colors in suede, this sneaker is quite a fun take on your bowling style shoe. I will admit that when looking at it off of the foot, it is not as attractive but once on the foot it becomes something entirely different and looks quite smart underneath a nice pair of tapered jeans. While my heart would always steer toward blue suede, I must say that I am actually quite keen on the tobacco color suede at the top. It just contrasts ever so perfectly with that dark shade of denim….

IMG_6119 IMG_6123 IMG_6146 tribeca-ii-velours-marine IMG_6108 IMG_6099 IMG_6104

3 thoughts on “Bowling Shoes Are Back….by Septieme Largeur”

  1. If bowling shoes are becoming a more mainstream shoe to be worn outside of bowling alleys, do we think chic bowling shoes would be popular in bowling bars?

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