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Carmina boots
Carmina boots


Boots are popping up everywhere and it’s not just because A/W is coming. For the last year or so, it really seems that people have been more and more keen on getting a nice pair of boots that can transition between smart casual wear (think chinos with sport coats) all the way down to wearing with your jeans for your relaxing Sunday. And why not? As we get older and don’t really want to just throw on some Nike’s, we need a smart alternative that looks good but still allows us to be casual at the same time. And (at least in my opinion) no matter how dressy the boot is, it still looks good underneath a nice pair of tapered jeans. This boot in particular, by Carmina, which seems to be done in cordovan looks like one of the more perfect options for being able to transition between semi casual dress wear and a proper casual lazy day. After all, back in the early 1900’s boots were the dominant footwear of choice so why can’t we go back to that? Who knows, maybe in 10 years time, it will….doubtful, but nice to know that they are again becoming more popular!

6 thoughts on “Boots are the Next Big Thing”

  1. Boots are absolutely in Justin! As the cold and rainy season approaches my Carmina and Meermin balmoral boot are ready to go; as are my newly acquired Wedgwoods ! Actually today I was wearing my C&J Harlechs and thinking … if only Justin created his own version of a (shell cordovan) wingtip boot with some brogueing and a simple Dainite sole … 🙂

    1. trying hard to source the Cordovan, that is the hard part…can get it, but what is given is crap…need to work my magic and go directly to the source!! Soon enough my friend, soon enough

  2. Quality boots had long been a neglected aspect of my footwear wardrobe, but no more. There are so many appealing options on the market right now, I am spoiled for choice.

  3. I’ve been looking for a pair from Meermin, but can’t afford them and they won’t send me a discounted sample to review (even though people keep asking about boots).

    Boots are so much more useful in England than any other shoe. Just tread that smart/casual line so perfectly, as you said.

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