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Carmina is hosting a ‘Custom Weekend’ from today until the 13th by which they are offering Waived MTO Fees on their custom shoe/boot offerings. And on top of that, they are also providing a special shoe care kit with each pair purchased. Not a bad deal huh! The only catch is that you have 3 days to get that order in, so now is the time to get cracking on those custom shoe designs that you have floating around in your head. The discount will be updated at checkout.

For this special weekend, they have also dropped two new boot models. See the pictures below and Carmina’s wording for each model:

Model 80277

“These wingtip short boots will be a great addition to your wardrobe this winter. With a 16 cm boot shaft, you will wear them daily very comfortably. This model includes four blind eyelets and three speed hooks for a very easy adjustment. We recommend having them made in rubber soles for a casual look.”

Model 80459

“Our new cap toe boots have a great heel counter design. They will take you all through winter with a higher 20cm shaft. Select your preferred leather, we would suggest Shell Cordovan or more casual leathers such as Chromexcel, grains and even suede.”

These boots are great, but I really love the highlighted model as well as the Green alligator monkstraps. Imagine the endless possibilities you can make with their adelaide model, which is one of my favorites in the market. I can easily picture a blue cordovan with black suede facing on a double leather sole. That would be a killer combo!

Carmina specializes in their colored exotics which are not often seen so frequently so now is your chance to get those at a great price, particularly all of their Cordovan options.

Happy Shopping!!


4 thoughts on “Carmina’s Custom Weekend – MTO Fees Waived!!”

  1. I wish I had the money to go towards a pair of MTO Adelaide Oxfords, but I’ve got a MTM garment in the works. How often does Carmina do this promotion?

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