Edward Green “Galway” courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget


I realized recently that my collection of shoes was way more catered to the liking of A/W attire. I could say that I don’t know why, but then I think that I would be fooling myself as I know that I love lace boots more than most other styles of shoe. But a good loafer is a strong contender!! Therefore, I am always looking forward to the A/W season, not only for what I will be releasing but for what others will be too. I always hope to see something different and unique from the other makers and I think that as time goes on the other brands are warming up to making more and more balmoral boots when 5-6 years ago, hardly anyone was. Now everyone has them and it’s great! That being, I am keen to see what will be released this season and hope to see more contrasting two tones (as I always do!).

I am also quite excited as after 4 years of trying, I am finally getting a button boot out there on the scene and at only 395/pair. Stay tuned too as I will soon have a pre-sale in the 4 color offerings that we will have in our button boots! (see 2 of them below)

J.FitzPatrick Button Boot tumblr_nnm2ep7FAi1somomvo1_540

9 thoughts on “Boot Season is Coming Soon!”

    1. sorry Chris, not this year, but will do for sure next year…didn’t have a cloth that went so well with burgundy,..need to source one

  1. Das Auge des Betrachters

    The blue ones look exceptional and the dense, evenly structured texture of the utilised fabric provide a quiet harmonious, organic feel. I am honestly excited about which colours and fabrics you have in store for us with the other two modells, Justin. I second Chris in that burgundy would be a great choice – a design with a strong, bold contrast would be deeply cherished. 😉 Well, and then there is the subject of green… Didn’t you mention it to become the future trend-colour besides of blue? So excited for the pictures.

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