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I never understood a dress code for work. I mean, by common sense, I understand the boundaries that they usually denote but never understood the strictness of them to a certain degree. For example, a job that requires the use of only black shoes. Now this obviously would be a conservative type of work environment which I can understand and they want people to be smart and look the part. The only problem is that wearing ‘black shoes’ doesn’t mean anything in reality. A guy can still dress like a bag of shit and look absolutely and dreadfully terrible and unprofessional, even with his black shoes on that he bought for $90 at the discount store, even though he is earning $100K a year. And this is what I never understood about dress codes. The code should simply and always be: ‘look smart’ or ‘dress well’. And while that seems quite easy to follow, well it really isn’t for many. But I wish it was.

So when I look at a shoe like this, a conservative pair of black tassel loafers with a spring of flair with its subtle red tassels, I ask myself ‘could this not fall under the dress code of black shoes?’ And of course, I know the answer. But why? The guy who wears these most likely has a bit of style to him, wears a suit that probably fits, and has an eye for detail that puts his outfit together nicely. So why is that it that he cannot wear these and look smart, yet the guy who dresses like a tramp in his 5th-day-straight-worn 0versizedsuit and $90 shoes can? Becuase “It’s too bold and unbecoming (in stuffy accent – you know the one).” And here we are in this vicious cycle of dressing like crap being accepted and being slightly bold yet smart being frowned upon and society stays in this trap forever being suppressed to be slightly expressive in your attire while maintaining a manner of elegance. Shame.

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