It’s really hard to keep up with every shoe brand out there, and more and more, I feel that even though I spend hours and hours researching, there are still so many brands making beautiful shoes that I have never even heard of….part of me (the egotistical side) gets a bit sensitive telling myself that I should be able to hold a conversation with anyone about all of the greats, but how can I if I am still hearing about more new brands all the time, from other people! The more realistic side of me, is happy to know that it would appear that the high quality footwear industry seems to be growing on a daily basis. Realizing this, is ultimately what drives me, as it is a lofty goal of mine, to see more and more men (like in the old days) wearing nice shoes, caring about their appearance, and maintaining a respectable image. Through writing the blog, and showing all of you these great brands, in all of the different countries they come from, will hopefully bring about a bigger awareness and therefore more fine quality shoe purchases! While it’s a lofty goal, I know that it can be done!

So, what brought me to create a big write up about this company, Bocache e Salvucci, is the fact that I had a blog reader write me up and tell me a bit about them. I had previously heard of them, in the sense that I had a picture of one (with a name attached to it), but in reality did not know anything about them. I can still say that I really know nothing about them, but I will say that the reader, who I believed to be quite educated in shoes, told me that even though he owned the Lobb’s, the Green’s and a bunch of other greats, that none of them were more comfortable than his Bocache e Salvucci. For me that was a big statement, and immediately made me want to find as many pictures that I could of them, as if he was making such a bold statement, then they must be pretty good and worth looking more into. So I tried a little bit….

Since their website is still a bit under construction and therefore only available in Italian, it does not help me in summarizing much for you. But I do know that they are a bespoke outfit out of Rome, Italy whose prices start at about 1000. Not bad as a price, but looking at the pictures closely, it would appear that the shoes seem to be made on a bespoke last, handlasted, but then blake stitched on a machine….I could be wrong, but some of those soles look a bit too tight to be goodyear welted….nevertheless, it seems like a good price for your own last, and high quality leather. So, if you are ever in Rome, do look them up, as I know that the next time that I am (and with my wife for translation), I sure will!

For an interview with the owner of Bocache e Salvucci, please read: For The Discerning Few

5 thoughts on “Bocache e Salvucci – The Next Italian Greats?”

    1. Thanks for sharing that…it all looks great and well made, but pretty much confirms what I was saying…..they handlast the shoes, and then put on the sole by machine, as you have to when doing blake/black rapid….shoes are still well made and I am sure that when doing goodyear they do it all by hand…


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