Navy Cordovan by Carmina

Navy Cordovan by Carmina
Believe it or not, getting a good, consistent navy leather is more difficult than one might think. Many (probably most) of us use crust leather to achieve a blue/navy leather as many tanneries don’t offer one pre-dyed and if they do, won’t really be the exact shade you might be looking for. Horween’s navy cordovan, as seen here on Carmina’s models, is probably the nicest shade that I have seen in the leather industry (for a solid color). It’s navy color is always so deep and just the right shade in order to not quite be black, but also not be too light either and thus deter people from purchasing it.

As it is so dark, I really don’t see why they could not be used in even the most professional environments. If one can wear brown or even burgundy shoes, then a navy such as this should be even more appropriate, as it is far less noticeable (in contrast) to those lighter shades. Yet why don’t we see it more? The answer is simple really: social conditioning. But in order to break this mental prison we put on ourselves more people have to go bold and wear them and break these silly ideas that blue can’t be worn professionally. Because in reality, it can and that is the plain truth! GO NAVY!

Navy Cordovan by Carmina Navy Cordovan by Carmina Navy Cordovan by Carmina

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  1. I have that exact pair of navy shell wholecuts and completely agree with your observations – it is a terrific shade that works very well in even a conservative professional environment.

    I’ll add that blue has become a staple of business footwear for me. Subsequent to this pair I have added a pair if navy austerity brogues from Vass and a pair of navy calf / suede bal boots from Bonafé. Grey suits dominate business wear, and navy shoes go great with most shades of grey.

  2. I cannot agree more Justin; GO NAVY !! I own a pair of the wholecut oxfords above (910 Rain last) and they are simply amazing … The leather is like butter and the dark blue is amazing and actually lighter than it seems on the pictures in broad daylight … Not one for monk shoes else they would be on my list too !

  3. If one searches for whole cut loafers in Internet, there is a photograph of one made by Carmina, but the source from where the photograph comes only shows the announcement this shoe model is no longer available. The American shoe manufacturer Rancourt offers blue, but the design of the Rancourt models has minor features which might be considered unelegant in comparison to those elsewhere.

  4. I would not hesitate to wear those dark blue whole cut oxfords with a suit or fine dress slacks. I think they look absolutely professional.

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