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I love black suede. It is probably one of my favorite materials to make footwear with. But I never do because I can’t just make samples for myself without the possibility of trying to potentially put them into production. And the shame is that no one buys black suede, at least hardly anyone does. And I have always wondered why? Why is that that people love black calf shoes but are so afraid of black suede? Good question. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it.

Positives of Black Suede:

Black suede is more black than leather. And that is because suede retains color better than calfskin does. So it is always more vibrant. And in the case of black, it really is ‘more black.’ That means that it is dressy in my humble opinion. Yes, you cannot put a shine on it, but I don’t see why you could not wear a pair of black suede oxfords underneath your sharpest suit to a business meeting with the top bosses. No one will look twice at you as you will be smart looking. It supersedes the law of suede being casual.

It goes with everything. While I am not a die-hard fan of black calf shoes, I am dead serious when I say that black suede goes with everything. I could pair my black suede loafers to just about every outfit that I could think of and I am quite confident that it will go well. It also looks good underneath every shade of trouser color. That being, it is super easy to wear.

Edward Green
Edward Green

Negatives of Black Suede:

Because it is so black it is crucial to keep it that way. The second black suede starts to fade, is the same second that it no longer looks good. And that is a problem. But also the reason that suede rejuvenation spray comes in only black and brown. So the beauty of accidentally fading is that you can rejuvenate it easily. So this negative is only temporary unless you are really rough on it, but then that is the case with anything thatlooks poor from maltreatment.

While I personally believe that it can be used for any business attire, I do not believe that it should be worn for a formal event as I believe that a pair of well-polished shoes are the most appropriate for a formal occasion. Therefore, in a formal setting, black suede shoes limit you. But how often do we really go to formal events? Well, at least I don’t very often, thankfully!



For me, black suede is simply underrated and most people fear it instead of embrace it. And the more pairs you have, like anything, the easy to upkeep them. Take a leap of faith and get yourself into your first pair! I promise that you won’t be disappointed. And as it goes, I think that I shall wear my loafers today as it is supposed to get up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit here in NYC today!


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3 thoughts on “Black Suede Shoes – Where Are They?”

  1. Yay for promoting black suede shoes! I’ll be ready to buy the next time you offer the butterfly loafers in black suede.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Good question. I cannot claim to be as qualified to make decisions with regards to the women’s shoe world. Black suede is timeless and always elegant IMHO. Patent is always ‘dressy’

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