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Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'?
shoes by Norman Vilalta

We have a special guest post today, written by my colleague ChĂ©, all about the idea of green in footwear.  We have seen a lot of it lately. Is it here to stay? Is it a trend? Let’s discuss…. –Justin

Ever consider dark green as an alternative to your black shoes? Might I suggest this as an overlooked option…I know, I know…green sounds a bit wild. A deep, rich green will be understated. At first glance, many will believe it to black. Perhaps, in the sunlight, the subtle nuance of the green will be revealed.

Take your time in wrapping your mind around the understated, dark green. In the meantime, there are greens that are more obvious and those that capture your attention immediately.

Let’s explore a few different characters and which green moves them.

Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'?
Shoes by Edward Green


The Minimalist…

For those who maintain a wardrobe consisting of uniforms. A uniform for the work week…a uniform for the weekend…Mostly muted tones: navy blue, midnight blue, charcoal grey, medium grey. Just as black would pair harmoniously with all these tones, the same is true for the dark green calfskin. Dark Green Museum calf is a great option. Polish with black wax and it will maintain that untraceable green hue. It will not erase the green; it will only keep the green deeper and richer. If you are willing to be a bit more daring, use a neutral wax and allow the green to show a bit. Yes, I am suggesting you pair these with your suiting and separates, in navy, charcoal and medium grey. A cap-toe oxford or plain toe oxford…two timeless, elegant models.

(This will be the hardest guy to get into green shoes. This will also be the most common guy. So we have a challenge. But I can see him breaking down. Green is coming. It is here to stay. It’s just a matter of time before he gets his first pair! -Justin)

Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'?

(J.FitzPatrick Footwear Madrona Dark Green Musem)


The Balance…

You are completely comfortable being seen in green shoes.  You always wear one accessory, one article of clothing or pair of shoes that catches the eye of others. You have more odd jackets than full suits in your wardrobe. Subtle, rich-toned gun check and tweed fabrics.  A forest green suede shoe, for you, is the same as a dark brown suede shoe. For the days with an odd jacket, trousers, a striped shirt and pin dot tie…try a dark green suede pair.

(This guy is becoming more prevalent. More people wear mix and match then full suits. Brown suede is still the go-to color for most, but more and more are wearing Moss Green suede, and more makers are creating shoes in this color -Justin

Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'?

(Hiro Yanagimachi Side Elastic Short Wing Moss Suede)


The Maximalist…

You want to be seen. Your entire closet is essentially an Etro editorial. Patterns, prints, and textures are layered with what appears to be reckless abandon, but everything is deliberately orchestrated. Mondays are welcomed with cobalt blue windowpane suits. Winter definitely includes white denim. For you, a conspicuous pair of green shoes is like a black oxford; a wardrobe essential.

(If only there were more men unafraid to be this guy. The crazy thing is that Italians make being this guy look easy. Winter white jeans. HA! I wish that I could pull those off. They would get dirty in about 30 seconds! -Justin)


Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'?

(Tye Bespoke Shoemakers Straight Cap Oxford Olive Calf)


Green shoes? What say you? Do you like them? Do you own a pair? Come to think about it. I do, but only in loafers. I sold my green oxfords. But I do like the idea of them. And I have a green balmoral boot. Those are one of my favorites! See below! -Justin


Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'? Green Shoes - Trend or 'The Future'?























6 thoughts on “Green Shoes – Trend or ‘The Future’?”

  1. Green is here to stay, but it will be quite some time before it becomes more widely accepted. Blue is now more readily seen in quality footwear across a broad spectrum of formality – but that didn’t happen overnight. I find warmer, earth-toned greens far easier to pair than the cooler black-greens.

  2. Great post Ché! Very informative with all the different shades of green. I like Justin’s input and personal favorite! I own 3 pair and love how they are all different.

  3. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Excellent article!

    Those green shoes look awesome..and I think they deserve a try…

    But not for me…lol!

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