Black Suede Monkstraps


I have always loved the full brogue single monkstrap, as shown above. It is very British and ultimately an uncommon model in the shoe industry. Even more so when you make it in a super cool material that is highly underrated, such as black suede. These beauties here are made by Emiko Matsuda and are probably the most beautiful version I have ever seen. The other ones come from Edward Green and Crockett & Jones, both of which do not currently offer it in their RTW collection.

I can kind of understand why this model is not so popular. It’s cross-breeding between a full brogue and a monkstrap put it into this no man’s land of being neither formal enough for business but also too dressy for casual. Being that I blend the two often wearing my leather-soled dress shoes with jeans, I get this look and would love a pair of black suede monkstraps, but can see how it is probably not one that flies off the shelf.

Nevertheless, Emiko who used to work for the late Foster & Son as their head of bespoke knocked it out of the dang park with this one. The shape is perfect. The pattern is perfect. The buckle is not overly large and I love that the customer chose black suede, being one of my favorite materials.

In fact, Emiko makes among the most beautiful brogues there are. If you are looking for bespoke and a brogue design, I highly suggest giving her a peek and consideration. Her patterns are flawless!

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Black Suede Monkstraps

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