Nicholas Templeman Oxford with Fierceness

Nicholas Templeman Oxford with Fierceness


Pulling off an aggressive line in a classic shoe is a hard thing to do. And when I say aggressive I don’t mean it in negative way but rather something as drastically different to what a classic shoe normally (and with strong standard) entails. The facing is done with very sharp and well thought out detailing. The harmonious point in which the curve of the facing parrallels with the wing cap is very subtle yet very important to the perfection of the pattern. And again things like this we don’t often notice, yet like the look of something and then don’t know why. Details like this are the ‘why’.

Nicholas Templeman is doing a fine job carving out a little niche for himself in the London bespoke shoe world and I have to say that time agin his designs catch my eye and seems to be also doing so for others with the amount of new shoes shown on his Instagram. Well done Nicholas and keep up the good work!

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