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Bestetti Chukka2

Bestetti seems to be in the workshop day and night working not only on all of his bespoke orders but apparently the release of new models for his RTW collection. Here he goes for a classic chukka boot but with a few twists here and there. First and foremost, he plays off of the ‘as of late’ popularity of the apron stitch, putting a nice handstitched one on that dark brown suede model (probably my favorite). Second he uses ‘Horse’ leather. And that is not Cordovan, it’s proper horse leather (as in the body and not the butt of the animal). He then uses Kudu, but in a way like I have never seen it on a pair of shoes. It’s rough, like a cowboy boot would be. Not my thing per se but someone else might love it. To top it off he not only plays around with a bit of piping but also different sole coloring, which is always fun, especially if you can customize them both (MTO only I presume). †These will soon launch at one of his stockists, Sir Max (in Amsterdam) so if you are keen on them, get in touch there. Or with Bestetti himself, of course!

A great weekend to all!

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