It’s always a pleasure coming into contact with shoes that you have always seen online but never in person. I have always been quite intrigued with shoemaking from the “Eastern” part of Europe, as it is quite different than your makers here in England/France/Italy. You find that their shoes tend to be a bit more heavy looking and feeling. That doesn’t mean that they are like bricks or anything, as you can clearly see here, since this shoe is still quite refined. But it would appear that they either use tanneries that cut a thicker leather or that they really put a lot into the shoe, the stuff that you don’t see on the surface, but feel when wearing them. You typically find that they too use a heavier sole, but this was clearly not the case in this model which looked to be a blind, almost pump like stitch, or even a blake stitch by hand. Hard to say really, but nonetheless what I loved most about this shoe was the immaculate shade of the leather and how lovely it shined up. It’s a shame that Mr. Januszkiewicz, who is somewhere in his 80’s, did not train anyone up to pass on his knowledge, but luckily he is not the only shoemaker in Poland, so we will just have to count on Mr. Jan Kielman to keep the trade alive….

Oh and by the way, they were only around 600

10 thoughts on “Bespoke Shoes from Poland – Tadeusz Januszkiewicz”

  1. Hi Justin,

    These are made of Horween cordovan, I have seen the leather when placing an order with Mr. Januszkiewicz.


  2. Alexander Stefanov

    Januszkiewicz is without doubt the finest shoemaker in Warsaw, imho he should be ranked among the top ten in the world, when you see a pair of his shoes in person, you’ll be amazed at how elegant, light, and streamline his lasts are, in fact this and his orthopedic knowledge sets him apart.
    I’d urge everyone to go order some shoes from him, for the price of high end rtw, one can own true works of art.

  3. Alexander Stefanov

    Btw, his shoes use the goodyear welt, but done by hand, although i’ve seen shoes by him done with goyser, Norwegian and various other methods.

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