While I do love my wholecuts, free of anything at all, I must admit that I do think that I prefer it with a tad bit of brogueing, just to spice it up a bit. This lovely model here, made by Maftei, is the perfect example of a tiny bit of detailed brogueing just to separate the otherwise complete blank canvas that would be without it. But what I really like most about this shoe is not the shape, nor the model or pattern, but rather that amazing color. Slightly pink, slightly red and partially purple, what comes out is a concoction of greatness that I would love to pair underneath a nice pair of blue trousers. As I have said before, and of course I will say again, the shade of burgundy in footwear is so underrated yet needs to be seen more as it’s depth of versatility is on pair with the shade of brown! So shoemakers out there, get your burgundy leather out and start making more shoes in that color!!!

On another note that is not so great, there was an unfortunate occasion over the holiday period in which Maftei’s shop was robbed for about 70 or so pairs of shoes. No doubt the people that did this will naturally be trying to get rid of them so if you see any dodgy deals on the net, best to report it.

5 thoughts on “Bespoke Maftei? Why not?!!”

  1. shoe robbers? v strange thing to steal as how the heck do you sell them on? is there an underground network of shoe dealers who buy dodgy high end shoes & offloads in a market? if so can i have their number as im looking for some $2500 Lobb monkstraps in a 9.5. cheers, andy

  2. hi justin, congrats on the shoe line. got a question re polishes .. when would you choose to use a neutral polish rather than a specific colour? is it for inbetween shades of brown or colours that dont get offered in usual brown or blacks ie the blue/red/green ones you like 🙂
    Cheers, Anand

  3. Andy – Well, I have heard of stranger things….one can sell a shoe these days on the web for a pretty penny….

    Avi – no idea…sorry

    Anand – I never use neutral…especially as I use waxes, as they are not strong in pigment..if I used dark navy on a tan shoe it would change it’s color but just deepen it…so that is why there is no real need for me to use neutral….on blue, I use blue, on red I use red, and on green, I use blue….


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