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Bespoke Gaziano & Girling Boots by The Shoe Snob


My bespoke Gaziano & Girling boots are finally starting to take form, after all this time. I think part of the reason that they have taken so long, not to mention how busy G&G have been with a new factory and a new flagship shop in London which is now open, is due to the fact that I had created a design from scratch. This was a design that I had originally intended for my own line (and probably will still do it one day) but that I wanted to try ahead of time as it looked like a difficult pattern but also a unique one. A pattern that would definitely be done best as a bespoke model first, and then translated to a RTW one in the future.

Bespoke Gaziano & Girling Boots by The Shoe Snob

The boot how you see it is quite far from over however. From the last fitting Daniel had wanted to shorten the last and adjust the facing so needed to have another trial fitting to make sure that it all fit and felt right. Now the last is perfect all that needs adjusting is the pattern of the wing-cap, which I wanted shortened and slightly altered in shape. Also, the boot won’t be full leather, but as to what it will have I will leave as a surprise. But the main color, as shown, will be blue and the sole won’t be black foam but rather a nice double sole with the Wensum bottom and a storm welt. Heavy duty for the winter. Hopefully I can sneak it in on one lovely brisk day in the hopefully hot summer ahead!

Bespoke Gaziano & Girling Boots by The Shoe Snob

7 thoughts on “Bespoke G&G’s – Nearly There!”

  1. They are lovely! I like the many lines, that run al most but bot exactly parallel. Thats just the way I love things. I look forward to see that translated into your shoe line. But, are the soles of this not out of leather? I would be astonished from what you say about leather soles that have to stand rain so often. Still, I like your patience for good quality. “Gut Ding will Weile haben” we say in Germany, a really good thing needs its time.

  2. Justin, you really should make these for your own line at some stage – hopefully sooner rather than later – as the “austerity brogue” design looks stunning in a balmoral boot. That shade of blue-grey is lovely, too.

    1. Yes, the blue is all right, but I would guess, that it is just the basis for a very vivid finish, and not the final note.

  3. Beautiful boots, Justin. I am green with envy! I’m interested to hear that they won’t be all leather…. I am very fond of two-tones… two-tones don’t have to be black & white Capone shoes.. I have some lovely two tones that mix-and-match leather and tweed, leather and suede, even one pair, (my only interesting black shoes) that combine smooth black leather with woven black leather.

    1. thanks Clive! Very excited to receive them, if I ever do! I love two tones too….as one can imagine…

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