Berluti Hiking Boots

Berluti’s new Aspen hiking boot is probably the best thing I have seen them do for a while now. Some might think that is blasphemy coming from a ‘Shoe Snob’ blog about dress shoes, but the reality is that I love all kinds of shoes, not just dress shoes. And considering the shoes that Berluti has been putting out since they were overtaken by LVMH, this is among my favorite in the last few years. The truth is twofold: I would actually wear these. And if I was a millionaire, I would actually buy these. But I am not a millionaire, or even closer to it, so the closest I will get to them outside of them magically sending me a pair for unboxing, is these photos on this post. Enough jokes aside, let’s talk a bit about them.

Let’s rewind a sec and let me explain how/why I find these appealing. Not that I need to but it will help you understand a bit. I come from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to be exact. I spent a lot of time in North Idaho where my father migrated when I was 16. I am no stranger to mountain gear, especially as Seattle is the home of R.E.I., one of my favorite shops, and the fact that when I was 19 I was a snowboard instructor. Needless to say, that hiking style is in me, hence my love of Alpine boots and the fact that I have my own version of them in my own shoe brand. But enough about me.


Berluti Hiking Boots Berluti Hiking Boots


Making a proper hiking boot, that one would actually use in the mountains, as an attractive piece of footwear is no easy feat. Yet, Berluti did so and knocked it out of the park with these. And rightfully so at nearly $2500 for a pair. While 90% of you are laughing at that price right now, the reality is that if you were worth +2 million, you would probably be spending that kind of money on footwear. I, too, scoff at ridiculous prices, but over time have learned that they have their market and their market wants to pay that kind of money to be ‘exclusive.’ As a ‘Shoe Snob’ I can scoff at that like snobbish blogger I very well could be. But as a business owner and one that studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Uni, my hat is tipped to them for being able to make $2500 hiking boots, especially if people are actually buying them!

The reality is that I like them. The style is good. The design is well thought out. It is both practical and elegant at the same time. Elegant is a loose term here as I am referring to elegance for a hiking model, not elegance as something for elegant occasions. It is an elegant version of a hiking boot. I love that they used actually full grain crust leather and not some synthetic material for the upper. It looks well made and the only question at the end of the day would be their comfort. But that sole looks both cushioned and durable. Is the support there? Only the wearer will know. And if I had $2500 to burn, I would let you know!

A great boot by Berluti. I hope they keep doing more stuff like this, and less of what they have been doing prior.

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Berluti Hiking Boots

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