Barbanera Strikes Again!

Barbanera Strikes Again!


I never get tired of a two tone shoe/boot/slipper/moccasin whatever it may be! One color is nice, but two is always better in my opinion. It just sets the tone for something a bit more original. While the classic spectator, shown here by Barbanera, is nothing immaculately different the derby boot on the other hand in navy and what looks like extremely light grey suede, is simply sublime. That is something you wont see often and even more so, something you won’t miss if it came across you on another person’s feet. Lovely to say the least and well played by the person ordering it. Still wondering where all these people are who order all of these cool shoes as I never ever ever see them!! Come out and play!

Barbanera Strikes Again! Barbanera Strikes Again!

2 thoughts on “Barbanera Strikes Again!”

  1. I’m a huge Barbanera fan but I stopped looking at their website. Why? It’s because I know that if buy a pair, I’ll end up buying another one… and another one… until I go broke.

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