The Kudu Collection by Barbanera

The Kudu Collection by Barbanera

During my trip to Lineapelle to source some cool, new things for my shoe brand I had a quick visit to see my friends at Barbanera, in Milan.

While there I was able to see their latest Kudu collection, with a penny loafer, an adelaide brogue and their famous modern Cowboy Boots! The shoes/loafers are currently on sale as we speak, the brogues at €295 and the loafers at €345. Both great prices for the handgrade quality that Barbanera offers. With closed channels soles, beveled waists and top grade leather these are a steal of a price, particularly the brogues!

The Cowboy boots are currently on PreOrder at €590 (10% off their full retail price). I presume that this is their latest model on order and they are giving you the chance at an early discount before they arrive.

Barbanera continues to set the bar with unique offerings, innovative products, their clothing collection and much more. On top of that they are great guys and just one more reason to support someone that is out their doing things not only uniquely theirs but with great quality and customer care.

Happy Shopping for those of you fans of Kudu leather

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