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Barbanera has some cool new shoes/boots for A/W2020 that have just launched on their site and are now available for purchase and shipment. I am always fascinated to see what the unique makers of the industry come up with each season and while Barbanera might be most know for their suede loafers and cowboy boots, I have always been fond of their take on classic derby boot, their Kerouac model.

This season they make it quite differently and I see these changes making it their best seller. Typically you found them in various all suede/all waxed leather versons but this year they go closer to my heart and make them bi-material, albeit tonal. But what is most intriguing is that they used deerskin for the leather part. And fot those that do not know, deerskin is one of the softest leather’s there is. You actually find it most often made on house slippers. I can only imagine how comfortable they will be. And to top it off they added a nice commando sole by Vibram to the mix. So you have comfort, style and durability all in one boot.

The Clint boot in Waxy Brown is also very cool. It reminds me of a pair of Sebago boots I once had but obviously much better tjan those were. But the style was nearly the same, save the Sebago’s had boat soles on them naturally. The Clint are much more suited to a practical boot for the casual style lovers. I can see this one being worn by the Americana style lovers.

They have also dropped the bomb on the cowboy boot lovers with a beautiful new brown waxy leather version of the Cormac boot. The color is phenomenal and while I can’t bring myself to fot cowboy boots into my style, I have always lobed and appreciate Barbanera’s version of them as they blend the classic dress shoe idea into their elegant cowboy style.

Like me, Barbanera also loves black suede and always has one or two new options in the lovely leather. This time in their Cash boots and Gattuso loafers. And lastly their bold option is the snakeskin printed cash boots. Not my thing personally but definitely for the exotic lovers who may not be able to afford exotic pricing!

Enjoy these new models and remember to support the shoemakers out there really doing things differently, especially when they are good people like the Barbanera Team are!

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