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These two precise colors are probably my absolute favorite color combination, even more than my staple choice of black and red!. So needless to say, when I saw these lovelies (by Enzo Bonafe– I believe…source did not seem 100%), my mouth dropped to the floor as I would die to have a shoe in these colors. While it is hard to get a good feel for this boot due to the picture angle, what I noticed straight away was the fact that the vamp line was very low, which is how many of the balmoral boots were designed back in the day (not like modern boots, where the vamp line is much higher up). It reminds me of something Victorian, which was probably my favorite period for menswear, as I found society to be so much more elegant, especially as most of the people wore boots, whether they were balmorals or spats…. If only I had endless money, I think that I would take two shoes, the balmoral boot and the saddle shoes, and see how many color combinations that I could come up with….so far this is the best one that I have seen!!
On another note, I had lovely women’s blog/site do an interview on me, should you care to read it….

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