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Atelier Du Tranchet - Next Level Hi-Tops

French bespoke house, Atelier du Tranchet, has been coming out with some very curious shoes these days. On second thought, most of their shoes are curious and unique but these hi-tops take it to the next level of intriguing, as they blend dress shoe lasts, high-grade leathers, basketball style height, and with plim style soles. They are unlike anything that I have ever seen before. These are unique. One of one. Pure creation from the imagination and with so many different influences, it is for sure that they were not copied or look like anyone else’s. And that is the specialty of Atelier du Tranchet: unique creations for those that seek out something different. And truth be told, while I would not wear any of them, I love all of them for that very fact. For the fact that the people behind the brand are not afraid to be uniquely their own and create artistic masterpieces that might not resonate with 90% of the planet, but show great artistry and passion.

Atelier Du Tranchet - Next Level Hi-Tops

I do lie though. I might wear the featured pair. It is so cool and I really love suede alligator these days. I just don’t know where I would wear them to. I feel like I would need to own a Lamborghini to live up to those. Kicking rocks in the suburbs of New Jersey certainly doesn’t suit the lifestyle these appear to resonate with. But then again, neither do button boots so maybe I will be just fine 😉  All jokes aside, I love that Atelier du Tranchet consistently pushes the envelope and really shows what design is all about when someone puts their creativity in it. Well done gents! Keep them coming!

I look forward to seeing the next creations brings. But am hoping for some sort of lace boots. Hint, hint.

Their IG acct:

Atelier Du Tranchet - Next Level Hi-Tops Atelier Du Tranchet - Next Level Hi-Tops Atelier Du Tranchet - Next Level Hi-Tops Atelier Du Tranchet - Next Level Hi-Tops

6 thoughts on “Atelier Du Tranchet – Next Level Hi-Tops”

  1. de paillette / Corthay

    Hi Justin,
    Many thanks for your kind comments regarding your post above. is one of the few inspiring blogs that promotes our fraternity.
    As you may know this is the result of hard work along with mindset dedicated to creativity.
    Too bad you don’t have a Lamborghini to match our sneakers:):):)
    Why not setting up a trunck-show on the other side of the atlantic with #atelierdutranchet in 2022?
    Philippe & Christophe

  2. Wow! These look like sneakers of the future, I’d love a pair for my casual Sunday outfit. Thanks for continuing to bring the less well known shoes to a wider audience.

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