I have always loved a shoe with a kilt on it, whether it was loafers, monkstraps, or any other type of shoe that works it into their pattern. Yet I feel like it is a real love/hate type of design. There is no real in-between on the fandom of it. You either love it or you hate it. And despite my love for it, the most ironic thing of all is the fact that over my life I have owned thousands and thousands of shoes, but I have never actually owned one. Imagine that?! But that will soon change.

Ascot Shoes, of the UK, has just recently released a new colorway with a burnished toe of their Shanghai model, as seen here. I find it quite striking, to say the least. Right up my alley with the two-tone and use of canvas. Not to mention the double kiltie. I won’t lie, there is a lot going on here. But there kind of has to be with a shoe this unique and bold. It certainly is not for the faint of heart and it won’t just go with your everyday suit. It takes thought to pull these off, but that is what is great about them as when you do it well, you look damn good!

Learn More: https://www.ascotshoes.co.uk/collections/italian-collection



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    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      please refer to the link in the post, where you are direct to the product’s page. I do not sell these or anything else on this blog. One must read. It is the key to discovering all of your answers

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