Antonio de Torres has some very unique models these days and one that caught my eye was his interpretation of a chelsea†boot mixed with a monkstrap. I hadn’t really seen something like this before outside of high fashion brands so it was interesting to see this on a quality maker doing things very differently. And of course, while the monkstrap†appears as non-functional it poses a feeling completely different to your typical chelsea boot. I can see how this can appeal to those that have the train of thought of not seeing such a long and clean piece of leather without any seams/breaks/brogueing etc. I actually used to feel like that about chelsea boots. If they were elongated, I did like now much plain leather there was as I felt that it just made my foot look disproportionate. For those that feel the same, the monkstrap†chelsea could be a refreshing option for them to have the idea of a chelsea boot but with a strap that makes it less like a chelsea, if that makes any sense! But what I loved most about this boot in reality was the awesome green grain leather that looks very comfortable!

Happy Shopping!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

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